Excalibur Drilling Ltd

Senior Managers

Excalibur Drilling’s Senior Leadership team has extensive experience in the drilling industry.  On average, Senior Managers have been with the Company for 15 years.  Our consistency in leadership has enabled us to continually build upon a solid foundation and remain focused where it matters – on our customers, employees and rigs. 


Dennis Hemsing
Dennis Hemsing is one of Excalibur Drilling’s founders and the Chairman of the Board.  He has been involved in the oil and natural gas industry for over 40 years. Dennis has extensive contract drilling experience, co-founding and operating Hemsing Drilling Ltd. (1975 to 1986) and Paragon Drilling Ltd. (1987 to 1994).

Robert Block  
Robert Block is Excalibur Drilling’s President and one of the founders. He is responsible for all of Excalibur Drilling’s operations and oversight of the Company’s rig design, fabrication and overhaul programs. Rob has over 30 years of operations and management experience in the contract drilling industry, including co-founding and operating Paragon Drilling Ltd. (1987 to 1994).

Wayne Sinclair, CA
Wayne Sinclair is Excalibur Drilling’s Controller and one of the founders. With over 40 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant, Wayne is responsible for the oversight of all accounting and financial functions at Excalibur Drilling. Prior to co-founding and operating Excalibur Drilling, Wayne practiced as an independent, private sector Chartered Accountant for over 20 years.


Roger McLeod, CRSP
Roger McLeod has been with Excalibur Drilling since 2003 as the Manager of Safety and Environment. He brings over 30 years of Petroleum Industry Safety and Loss Prevention experience, including 20 years with the Alberta Energy Utilities Board, Alberta OH&S and the BC Ministry of Petroleum Resources. He is a member of the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals and Society of Safety Engineers. His additional roles include EnForm Certified Auditor, Instructor, IRP#16 Training Administrator and 2nd Line Well Control Supervisor.


Andy Wurtz
Andy Wurtz is Excalibur Drilling’s General Manager and one of the Company’s first employees. Andy started with Excalibur Drilling as the Company’s first Rig Manager in 1994 and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2001.  With over 30 years of rig operations and management experience, Andy is responsible for the day to day supervision of all of Excalibur Drilling’s field operations.

Brett Martin
Brett Martin is Excalibur Drilling’s Operations Manager. With over 20 years of field operations experience in the contract drilling industry, Brett is responsible for the operational execution of Excalibur Drilling’s equipment and crews in the field. Brett began his career with Excalibur as a Driller in 2001. From 2001 to 2011, Brett gained experience as a Driller, Relief Rig Manager, and Rig Manager. In 2011, Brett was promoted to his current role.


Kevin Rockabar
Kevin Rockabar is the Senior Contracts Manager based out of the Contracts Office located in Calgary, Alberta. He has been with Excalibur Drilling since 1996. With over 30 years of contract drilling experience, including five years as Rig Manager, Kevin brings significant operations and field knowledge to Excalibur Drilling. In 2005, Kevin was promoted to his current role and is responsible for the management of Excalibur Drilling’s customer accounts and contracts.

Kevan Sinclair, B Comm                                                               
Kevan Sinclair is the Contracts Manager based out of the Contracts Office, located in Calgary, Alberta. With over 12 years of financial and accounting experience, he joined Excalibur in 2010 as the Assistant Controller. Prior to joining Excalibur Drilling, Kevan gained experience in the oil and natural gas industry as a co-founder of a private oilfield well service company (2003 to present) and as an E&P equity research associate for an investment bank.


Linda Conners
Linda is the Office Manager at the Head Office and Operations location in Brooks, Alberta and has been with the Company since 1995. Linda is responsible for the supervision of the day to day accounting and financial functions at Excalibur Drilling, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and general accounting duties. Her previous experience includes over 15 years in the private practice accounting sector.

Lawrence Block
Lawrence is Excalibur Drilling’s Personnel Manager, responsible for personnel hiring and training at the Company. He is based out of the Head Office & Operations location in Brooks, Alberta. Lawrence joined the Company on a permanent basis in 1998 as Personnel Manager. Prior to joining Excalibur Drilling in this role, Lawrence gained field operations experience working on Excalibur Drilling rigs while attending University. Lawrence is actively involved in industry training initiatives with his involvement on the Alberta Provincial Apprenticeship Committee (PAC) since 2008, and the CAODC Human Resources & Training and CAODC Rig Tech Committee since their inception in 2004.