Excalibur Drilling Ltd

Excalibur Drilling Ltd. uses an iPad based “SMART” Health and Management System


Excalibur Drilling continues to use its iPad based “SMART” Health and Management System. All eight of our drilling rigs have been equipped and trained in this electronic system. The objectives and benefits of this system are:

1.  State of the Art - Incorporating iPad based Apps that involve everyone in the company - workers, supervisors and management.

2.  More Manageable - All documents can be uploaded and accessed from one web portal from anywhere an Internet connection can be made. 

3.  Access Friendly- It is our objective to have all workers, supervisors and management fully involved in our Health and Safety Management System.  Training can also be accessed online over the Internet and training certificates uploaded to the system.

4.  Real Time- Within this health and safety management system we will be able to see the Certificate Of Recognition (COR) program's status, direct and maintain action items, review and update safety program documents, upload and track training records...all in real-time. 

5.  Trusted - This secure electronic documentation system allows management to lock all documents as they are uploaded to the website and reviewed. Permissions can also be granted to onsite Operator Representatives who can then view documents generated at their own remote worksite.  Approved EnForm COR Auditors can also be invited to view documents needed to complete the annual COR Maintenance and Renewal Audits.

We are also be able complete and upload electronic Inspection Reports, Safety Meetings, Near-Miss Reports and Hazard IDs from all worksites, shops and offices. Action items can also be assigned to responsible employees and followed up to ensure continuous improvement, all from one central portal. 

Memos issued by Management can be uploaded to the field based iPad eCompliance template system and used as onsite safety meeting topics.  These are then signed off by all crews and uploaded to the web site for Senior Management review.  Now that's SMART!