Excalibur Drilling Ltd


Experienced People, High Performance Rigs, Individual Attention..... The Excalibur Differenceo

Big, Yet Small - we deliver top tier capabilities associated with big companies while having the personal connection and simplicity associated with a small company. Our customers receive the individualized attention they need to achieve targeted results.

EXCALIBUR DRILLING operates high performance Top Drive and Kelly Drive telescopic double drilling rigs in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan with capabilities of measured depth of 4500+ m and total vertical depth of up to 4400m.

WE EXCEED THE INDUSTRY AVERAGE RIG UTILIZATION RATE through our strong operations, commitment to safety, experienced long-term employees, and a quick & nimble culture. Excalibur’s rig utilization rate exceeded the industry average rig utilization rate by an average of 30%.

Rig Utilization Graph

REDUCED CONTRACTOR CONTROLLED TIME is delivered through our top tier capabilities and an experienced team that have been working Excalibur drilling rigs for an average of over 10 years.*

  • Rapid Rig Repair Turnaround ensures minimal downtime. Our facilities provide the means and capacity to be responsive to equipment downtime. Having designed, fabricated and assembled our identical high performance rigs streamlines our operations providing consistent training and spare equipment availability.
  • Fast Move-in & Rig Up Time is just one of the ways Excalibur reduces well costs for our customers. With an experienced and highly trained team operating each rig, our average move-in and rig up time from location to location for wells spudded  was 13.0 hours.

Time Frequency Graph

Excalibur has the capabilities to drill much deeper than you may presume. Excalibur’s six identical high performance Kelly rigs are rated to 2,800 m Total Vertical Depth and can reach Measured Depths of 4,500 m and longer, and have reached Measured Depths up to 5,802m.  Our three Top Drive rigs are rated for a Total Vertical Depth of 4400m  

Drilling Example Depth